I used to have the call letters N2OWI but recently opted for a Vanity call
After some 20 years in New York City I have decided to "get the hell out of Dodge" and make
the nice quiet town of Sausalito my new "home town". I was the Emergency Coordinator for ARES, the Radio Officer for RACES and the SKYWARN Coordinator for New York City. I recently have taken on the position as Southern Marin Communications Leader for Marin RACES which falls under the juresdiction of the Marin Sheriffs Department Office of Emergency Services. So far it has been a very pleasant experience and have found all of the Fire and Police departments out here very helpfull and interested in Amateur Radio's role in disaster preparedness.
Here are some links to usefull information for emergency communications,Amateur Radio and Public Safety.
Amateur Radio Links
Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club
Marin Amateur Radio Club
San Bruno Civil Defense Radio Club
The Condor Connection
SHARK Homepage-Spectrum Hogs Amateur Repeater Koodinating Kouncil
Packet Radio in San Francisco
Newsline-(Requires Real Audio)
San Francisco Amateur Radio Club
San Francisco ATV Information
ARRL Pacific Division
San Francisco Section of the Pacific Division
Marin County Amateur Radio Society
Disaster Preparedness Links
Marin County Emergency Services
StormWarn-receive weather bulletins automatically
Govenors Office of Emergency Services
Association of Bay Area Governments
Emergency Management Gold
National Weather Service-San Francisco
Hurricane Watch Net Homepage
Bay Area Disaster Links
California Flood Information
Firesafe Marin County
Emergency Digital Information Service Bulletins
Check out some very rare lightening in San Francisco
Some really great shots of lightening in San Francisco
Police and Fire Department Links
California Highway Patrol
California's Most Wanted
Marin County Sheriff's Department
Sonoma County Sheriff's Department
County of Sonoma Department of Emergency Services
Mill Valley Police Department
Mill Valley Fire Department
Sausalito Police Department
Sausalito Fire Department
CHIPS Computer Aided Dispatch Center
San Rafael Police Department
San Francisco Police Department
San Francisco Police Officers Association
Tamalpais Fire Protection District
Alto Richardson Bay Fire Protection District
San Bruno Police Department
San Francisco District Attorneys Office
Coast Guard Group San Francisco
Point Reyes Sheriff's Calls- Fun reading
Marin County Search & Rescue
State of California Emergency Medical Services Authority
California CopNet
Napa County Sheriff's Search & Rescue Team
Bay Area Mountain Rescue Unit
Watch the progress of the new Marin City Sheriff's sub-station under construction
Misc. Links
KRON Television
KGO-Channel 7 ABC
KPIX-CBS Television
CALTRANS Highway Information
Tons of Bay Cams
California DMV
Nike Missle Site-just over the Golden Gate bridge
Search Gear
Coast Guard Auxilary
Emergency Management Gold
West Coast & Alaska Tsumani Warning Center
Search Gear
San Francisco Fire Dept-NERT Program
NOAA Coastwatch
CALTRANS-Traffic Cams
California Laws
California Fire Photographers Association
My old friends at Jersey Coastal Emergency Services
Earthquake information links
Earthquake Homepage
Live Helicorder Camera-Seismic Activity
California Seismic Commission
Recent Earthquakes in California
Frequency Links
Ed Griffin's Home Page-Great Source for California Freqs.
Great List of CHP Frequencies
Strong Signals Monitoring Page
Eavsdropper Software Site
California Fleet Code/Talk Group Updates
Trunked Radio Information Homepage
Bay Area Wireless Frequency List
California Frequencies
Trunked Radio System Users Guide
Clay Irvings Scanner Reference-My old friend from New York
Ham Radio Online
Percon Database Homepage
Grove's Homepage
The BayScan Scanner Forum
Great source of frequencies for the Bay Area
Check out my Scanner recordings page with persuits and interesting scanner recordings
Take a little tour of my radio shack here
Here is my mobile radio set-up, it consists of a Yaesu FT-5200-dual bander,a Kenwood Commercial 440 Mhz radio, Motorola MT-500, a Radio Shack Pro-2046 that I use for PD and Press frequencies, a RELM MS-200 scanner and my latest addition a converta com for my Motorola SABER handheld.